A Social Media Strategy For Business eBook

In my eBook, A Social Media Strategy For Business I discuss the following:

There are a lot of “How To’s” in implementing social media for your business, but not very many examples of actual strategies. So I made a strategy for getting your business blog, Facebook and Twitter to work together. This strategy works to:

1. Allow your business to become more responsive to your customers and potential customers online. This means answering individual questions and solving problems about your product/service, kind of like an extension of customer service.
2. Incorporate your target audience’s feedback into your business more quickly and effectively. Which in turn creates more customer loyalty and customer evangelists.
3. Give your brand personality and life that people can relate to.
4. Increase awareness of the solutions your product/service provides. Pretty much like marketing online. A lot of people out there don’t know/care about you. This strategy will help to educate them as to why your business matters and invite them to make a purchase.

To accomplish these objectives, learn the three 10’s:

1. 10 Steps Behind A Successful Business Blog

2. 10 Steps Behind A Successful Facebook Page

3. 10 Steps Behind A Successful Twitter

Also you will find a flow chart for making decisions as to weather your idea belongs on Twitter, Facebook your blog or all three.

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