Zach’s Best Of 2014

Best Movies/TV: (This year I watched 103 movies, a 17% increase over last year & 123 episodes of TV, a 43% decrease over last year) Prisoners Grand Piano Cuban Fury Edge Of Tomorrow Lego Movie True Detective Season 1 Silicon Valley Season 1 Newsroom Season 3 Best Books: (I read 40 books in 2014, a […]

Beware Of Filler

Studies show that people serve themselves in proportion to the size plate that they have been given. As a result, a person tends to over serve on larger plates. So, use a smaller plate and there’s less space to fill, and less food will be consumed. Increasing lanes on the highway does not decrease traffic. […]

Stop Telling Stories With Data

There are so many variables when it comes to ecommerce that I’m convinced that the idea of knowing why visitors do what they do is not really possible. All you can know is the results, not the why. But not knowing why doesn’t sit well with our human brains. We yearn for patterns, explanations and […]