Zach’s Best Of 2013

I read 35 books Best Books Countdown City World War Z The Power of the Dog 11/22/63 Best Nonfiction: Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption Turning Pro Watched 88 movies Best Movies Silver Linings Playbook Gone Baby Gone About Time The Impossible It’s A Disaster Side Effects Blood Simple Liberal […]

Diluting Facebook Newsfeed

I measure the value of any website by the quality of information that I get from it (Snapchat is by definition made up of trivial content, stuff not worth keeping around, therefor I have no interest in the medium). Facebook has also dwindled in value for me. I think there are three main trends for […]

Categorizing Keyword Targets Into Campaigns

There are four main categories to think about when you categorize your keywords into campaigns: retailer, manufacturer, product and category. And then there are the multiple inter combinations of those four. Prioritizing which category you should focus on depends on which category your business falls into. If you’re a brand manufacturer than the Manufacturer bucket […]

Product Listing Ads Targeting Strategies

Targeting at the Product ID level is the most granular but depending on how many products you have it can be unscaleable. The next best option is to use category combinations. For example: combine the brand target of Fender and the adwords_label you’ve made for acoustic guitars so that you can place a specific bid […]