The Double-Edged Sword Of Measurement

“You get what you measure.” This is great news for anyone wanting to lose weight or learn a new skill—just start measuring. Measurement provides the information needed to improve, as well as subconsciously invoking positive results. The problem with measurement is that it leads us to focus our lives on those things that are easiest […]

Want To Change? Measure Yourself.

Is it the data that’s collected that helps us improve or is it the mere effort of measuring that makes the difference? A 2006 study in a German hospital found that simply telling staff that their “hygienic performance” was being monitored improved hand washing by 55%. In another study, two groups of teenagers were told […]

Zach’s Best Of 2015

This year I watched 102 movies, almost the same as last year (103) and 174 episodes of TV – a 40% increase over last year (still 20% less than the high in 2013 of 216). The best ones were: Whiplash (the best movie I’ve seen in many years) Cheap Thrills Coherence Blue Ruin Fury Star […]

Zach’s Best Of 2014

Best Movies/TV: (This year I watched 103 movies, a 17% increase over last year & 123 episodes of TV, a 43% decrease over last year) Prisoners Grand Piano Cuban Fury Edge Of Tomorrow Lego Movie True Detective Season 1 Silicon Valley Season 1 Newsroom Season 3 Best Books: (I read 40 books in 2014, a […]

Beware Of Filler

Studies show that people serve themselves in proportion to the size plate that they have been given. As a result, a person tends to over serve on larger plates. So, use a smaller plate and there’s less space to fill, and less food will be consumed. Increasing lanes on the highway does not decrease traffic. […]