Mindfully Selected News

My consumption of news has decreased over the last few years and I think I’m becoming less informed. I think its my lack of interest in breaking news along with the new’s declining credibility. Publishers are incentivized to push the extreme, breaking news because it’s how they get more clicks, and that means more revenue. […]

Where The Web Is Heading

Where Mobile, Social, Local and Personal all intersect. That’s where the web the heading. One in five searches on Google is a local search. (That number goes way when the user is searching on a mobile phone). 17% off all time spent on the internet is on social networks. Up from 6% a year ago. […]

Too Many Lists On The Internet

These are a few examples of posts including lists that took me about 5 minuets to find: “6 SEO Website Redesigns Your Developer May Not Know,” “7 Tools to Optimize the Speed of Your Website,” “Top 100 Internet Marketing Posts of 2009,” “12 Best Free Online Resources for Learning SEO,” “55 Google Website Optimizer Tips […]