Paying For Marketing

#1 is when you talk directly to people who want to hear you. #2 is taking #1 to scale by paying someone to carry your message for you, like advertising. Expensive, not always effective, but easy to scale. #3 is when magazines and news outlets pick up your story because they think it matters. This […]

The Product Is The Purpose eBook

Purpose is the most influential element in business success. I believe that the formula for business success can be found faster in injecting a business with purpose than any other way. In this eBook I explain how focusing on purpose will improve business effectiveness, employee retention, employee engagement, customer loyalty and increased sales. Download PDF […]

Good Businesses Have A Sense Of Purpose

I’m reading Evil Plans by Hugh MacLeod and he has a great quote in it from Director David Mackenzie, where he says, “A film is only as good as the reasons for making it.” Hugh explains, “What is true in Hollywood is also true for products and businesses. It’s not what you make, it’s what […]

The Growing Problem With Advertising Agencies

There are many people who blame doctor’s fee-for-service compensation models as one of the reasons of increasing health care costs; costs which are pushing the country towards bankruptcy. The problem is that doctors are incentivized to do more than is actually needed, since the more care they provide, the more money they get. In addition, […]

Web Analytics Framework Example

Inspired by Avinash’s last post on ensuring a clear line of site with web metrics, I took a stab at creating a web analytics framework for a medium sized eCommerce site. This theoretical site is using the following marketing channels: paid search (brand and non-brand keywords), comparison shopping engines, affiliates, email, display advertising and social media […]