Keyword Match Type Parity

Using broad match as your keyword discovery tool will help you expand the keywords in your account and once you have found good performing keywords its smart to add them as phrase and exact match too. With the same keyword on broad, phrase and exact match, results can be segmented based on match type and […]

PPC Diminishing Returns

Paid search is subject to the law of diminishing marginal returns where the last dollar spent has a lower ROI than the first dollar spent because the most cost-effective keywords are always purchased first. There are two constraints at work here: budget and search volume. With a limited budget you will bid on the highest […]

Same Keyword Sales

Retail stores have an important metric called “same store sales” which measures the percentage of change in revenue for stores that have been open for more than a year. This statistic allows you to determine what portion of new sales have come from sales growth and what portion from the opening of new stores. Although […]

Paid Search Assists vs Conversions

When making decisions on changes to keywords based on conversion rate, cost per acquisition or any other sales metric, you may be hurting important influencing keywords that don’t get the last click but drive sales nonetheless. AdWords helps attributing credit where credit is due so that you aren’t too quick to bid down a keyword […]

Engine / Network / Device / Method

Everyone agrees that content network ads should be separate from search ads in your AdWords account for good reason: the data of one network have no bearing on the data of the other network. Search is about an active consumer looking for information. Content is about advertising products next to content where the subject is […]