Device-Only Targeted Campaigns In AdWords

With nearly 7 percent of all digital traffic in the U.S. consumed away from computers, your paid search ads need to be targeting both smartphone and tablet devices on top of desktops if you want to maximize your reach. Tablet users who visited e-commerce websites in 2011 spent 54% more per purchase than smartphone visitors […]

Organize Ad Groups By Ads Not Keywords

Ad text should guide the organization of ad groups and account structure, not keywords. Traditionally, people start their account structure by organizing their keywords into themes and then the keyword themes get placed into ad groups. At the very end they try to write ad copy for each ad group that will try to be […]

Using AdWords Filters For Optimizing Keywords

The filter function in AdWords is pretty powerful. Definitely should be one of the first steps in discovering opportunities and diagnosing problems. Here are a few of my favorites: This one helps identify low hanging fruit. These keywords have great quality score, low CPA but just need a little increase in bid to get to […]

AdWords Account Structure Flowchart

There are endless ways to organize the structure of your AdWords account. I put together this flowchart to help get the process started. Its easy to see how complex an account can be if you sell multiple products, in multiple locations, for products that all have different uses and seasons. Tweet

Making Search Funnel Reports Actionable

I’ve been messing around with the new Search Funnel Reports in AdWords trying to figure out how to use the data that it provides. Here are a few conclusions that I’ve come to that I think are actionable. Path Analysis Under Top Paths in the left hand column, drill down to “keyword path (clicks)” under […]