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Use Remarketing For More Than Recent Site Abondoners

Remarketing is typically a strategy where recent site abadoners are targeted during a short window of time while the purchase is still top of mind. Since AdWords allows you to maintain a cookie for 540 days, its worth considering the idea of targeting past site visitors beyond the 10 to 14 day window.
Traditional display ads on average have dismal click through rates – somewhere in the .09% range. Instead of doing media buys for display advertising based on the demographic information that sites give, why not take advantage of all those people who have visited your site over the last 540 days? These people are at least one step closer to being familiar with your brand than someone who has never seen your site before and is being broadly targeted with gender, house hold income or other demographic indicators which may or may not be totally accurate.
Take a look at the opportunity in the drawings below:


This is the size of recent site abondoners and purchasers who have been to the site in the last 14 days.
Zoom out 12 weeks and you can see how many more potential customers could be targeted.
Zoom out all the way to 540 days and it makes the size of the 14 day window look tiny. Instead of trying to drum up more new customers with irrelevant display ad buys, target these people who once were interested and are already familiar with your site.

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Remarketing Sweet Spot

Not everyone who visits your site should be remarketed to – or at lest some users make more sense than others – and the optimal remarketing strategy should be to only market to those with the most potential to come back and convert as a result of you paying to advertise to them.

Its easy to juice the numbers so that they look better by only targeting, and taking credit for, visitors that are highly motivated and by not targeting visitors that are very unmotivated. Visitors that are highly motivated, like visitors that have multiple items in their cart are probably going to come back and buy without any nudging from display ads. Not targeting the unmotivated, like anyone who bounces from the site will increase ROI because those people are probably are not very interested anyway.
In between is the sweet spot: remarketing to those who are interested enough to engage on the site but just not quite enough so that its obvious that they are planning on coming back and purchasing.
Remarketing Sweet Spot
Google adwords does allow for this customization to a point. You can create custom combinations that exclude people who bounce and exclude people who have added items to their cart. Unfortunately you can’t get so granular as to exclude based on the number of pages they visited. But when talking to any other vendors you should be wary of these strategies that try to inflate how well the campaign looks like its doing.

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Exploiting Frequency Capping In Remarketing Ads

In AdWords Campaign Settings is the option to set frequency capping. You can set an impression cap per user per day, week or month, and on the campaign, ad group or ad level. This is particularly useful under display remarketing campaigns because it allows you to limit the amount of impressions a visitor sees in a given time period.
Frequency Capping AdWords
Plus, AdWords allows you to set up a remarketing list, what they call an Audience, to target visitors for up to 540 days. A cool way to set up a campaign is to put the remarketing code that is set for 540 days on the site and then use the frequency capping option together. For example, put a frequency cap of 5 impressions per user per month per campaign. This way the same person will only see the same ad 5 times in a month. Then at the beginning of the next month they get another 5 impressions. If you updated your ad creative on a regular basis you could message that person every month for over a year by giving them one piece of information at a time about the features and benefits of the product you’re selling – instead of hitting them with the same ad over and over for 10 days and then giving up on them.
Couple this with a custom combination made up of other audiences, and once that person purchases, they could then get dumped into the post purchase audience and be messaged to become a repeat customer. I think there is definitely potential for a constant pipeline of educating and converting and re-converting visitors through out the purchase funnel with this strategy.

Remarketing Display Funnel

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Online Display Remarketing Planner

There are quite a few metrics to consider when planning a display remarketing campaign. In the Display Remarketing Planner (download below) I put together all of the relevant metrics that need to be considered when setting up and planning a successful remarketing campaign. The bold boxes in the top row are the ones you need to adjust to fit your site including budget, click-through-rate, conversion rate, view-through conversion rate, average order value and the amount of attribution you will give to view-through conversions.

It’s hard to say what click through rate, conversion rate and view-through conversion rate will be for your site if you’ve never ran display before.

A lot also depends on how you have the tagging set up on your site. If you’re only serving ads to shopping cart abandoners, chances are your conversion rate will be higher since those people have already shown they are very interested in buying, on the other hand your view-through attribution should be lower since it’s likely that people who have added items to their cart were planning on buying anyway, regardless of seeing any display ads. That view-through attribution % is a pretty subjective metric unless you’ve got some kind of test and control methodology to really measure incrementality.

Another thing to consider is the creative you are using in the display ads themselves – if it’s heavy in promotion, like “get 25% off,” expect higher click through and conversion rates.

Download Online Display Remarketing Planner (.xlsx)

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Remarketing Timeline Strategy

Deciding the time frame that you use to retarget both prospects and purchasers from your website make a big difference. Visitors that leave the site without buying have the most potential for coming back and purchasing in the first 14 days (of course the tricky part is figuring our whether they would have come back anyway without seeing your ads). The more time passes, the colder the prospect gets in terms of re-activating them as a customer. Past purchasers are just the opposite. Right after purchase isn’t the smartest time to serve them ads since they just purchased, but depending on your product, the more time passes the more valuable they are to message.

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