Zach’s Best Of 2014

Best Movies/TV: (This year I watched 103 movies, a 17% increase over last year & 123 episodes of TV, a 43% decrease over last year) Prisoners Grand Piano Cuban Fury Edge Of Tomorrow Lego Movie True Detective Season 1 Silicon Valley Season 1 Newsroom Season 3 Best Books: (I read 40 books in 2014, a […]

My Best Of 2012

This year I watched 85 movies Best Movies: Drive, Hot Coffee, Chronicle, Looper, Cabin In The Woods, Headhunters, 50/50, The People vs George Lucas Worst Movies: Red Tails, Take This Waltz I watched 158 episodes of TV Best show: Breaking Bad Funniest: Modern Family, Runner Up: Workaholics I Read 32 Books Best books: Republic Lost, So […]

Zach’s Worst/Best Of 2011

Happy New Year! Its time to look back on what happened in 2011: Best Purchase: Eagle Creek Belt – The buckle is plastic which allows me to go through security without taking off my belt. Best Books: Start With Why – A revelation on the importance of purpose.  Anything You Want – Brings fresh air […]

My Vision Of The Future Internet TV

My vision for what the future internet TV interface will look like has five main parts: your own digital content library, niche and main stream show subscriptions, library of streaming content like Netflix, instant streaming rentals and live TV. Anything you have ever purchased and downloaded will be available to view including your own home […]

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is finding keywords with the right balance between relevance and popularity to use towards getting your web page more targeted visitors. Keywords that are very specific and relevant tend to have less competition and therefore, are easier to rank higher for. Broad and generic keywords are searched for more often and therefore, are […]

Zach’s Best Of 2010

My yearly best of, in no particular order: Best Books I Read in 2010 Web Analytics 2.0 – Avinash Kaushik Ignore Everybody – Hugh MacLeod Rebel without a Crew – Robert Rodriguez Switch – Chip Heath Cognitive Surplus – Clay Shirky Best Movies I Saw in 2010 District 9 Anvil: The Story of Anvil Fantastic […]

Quantifying Display Ads Success

Display advertising, or advertising with text ads on Google’s content network, brings with it a different mind set than paid search. Display doesn’t work very well for direct response but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful for something. What are some more ways to quantify the success of display ads besides conversions (which typically […]

Basics Of SEO Infographic

Credit goes to a tweet by Avinash that made the basis of this post. #1. Your content is relevant and it’s in the user’s language but not accessible to search engines. If it’s content designed in Flash or part of an image, the spiders can’t see it. Chances are good your metadata is in bad […]