Content Marketing Quality Versus Quantity

You want to create some content (videos, info-graphics, blog posts, podcasts, social posts & tweets, etc.) in hopes that it will drive traffic, improve search rankings, give utility to your brand in the mind of the customer and sell stuff. But you have a limited budget. You had to decide between a little content that has a lot of polish and high production costs versus more content but lower quality.

I say go for quantity over quality every time.

The first reason to put quantity over quality is that there’s no correlation between how much something cost to make and how interesting it is. A hundred million dollar movie can bomb and a video made for free can go viral.

You’re also competing with 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, 2 million blog posts published a day and more than 3 billion Facebook posts a week. In other words, there is a lot of other content vying for attention. The more content you can make with unique titles, different perspectives and varied angles the better chances you have at finding the people looking for the content you make.

So, if there’s so much competition and money isn’t related to interestingness, why do brands choose quality over quantity nearly every time? Over-the-top production values are a place to hide. It’s easy to cover up boring with something pretty, but it rarely works.

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