Customer Insights From AdWords Remarketing

How much do you know about the interests of the visitors to your site? One of the cool things about doing remarketing through Google’s Display Network is that you can see the placements and impression counts on the sites that people visit after they visit your site. One quick, cool way to visualize this data is to make a word cloud based on the categories of those sites.
Using Wordle, I took the top 100 sites with the most impressions and used Google Ad Planner to get the the content category that Google gives each site in it’s description. I then took all those categories and pasted it into Wordle to get the word cloud you see above showing the most visited categories.
I could see this being helpful when it comes to coming up with content that visitors will find interesting, for example if your visitors are interested in news, you could inject more ways in which your product has to do with current events on your blog.
You could also take this customer profile and see how it compares to your competitors customer using comparison tools like Quantcast, AdPlanner or Compete.  See how your customers are different and capitalize on it by standing out and providing more personalized info. Any more ideas on how this data could be used?

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