Going Deeper With AdWords Remarketing

Here are a few ideas on getting the most out of Google Adword’s remarketing:

Remarketing to everyone who visits your site can be wasteful and expensive since there are a lot of visitors who bounced immediately after visiting. No matter how many ads they see they have no interest. You’re better off remarketing to those people who showed a higher level of interest by visiting multiple pages. To do this create a Custom Combination that includes tags from more than one page. In the New Custom Combination screen, select all audiences from one tag and then create another list that includes a separate tag.

Like in this example for a site that sells both women’s and kid’s products, this custom combination will include only people who have visited both a women’s page and visited a kid’s page, no bounces.

AdWords remarketing also allows for reactivation campaigns where you target people who have purchased in the past with a message to get them to come back and purchase again. Create a new remarketing list and click the Select From Existing Tags radio button. Whatever you call your conversion, or “action name” will show up. Select it, and give it a 90 day duration. Then make another remarketing list the same way but this time give it a 60 day duration. Then make a new custom combination where you select all of the 90 day audiance and none of the 60 day audience. This way you will retarget people who have purchased 90 to 60 days ago. The maximum membership duration for your cookie is 540 days, so if your product is a seasonal one, you could message past purchasers over a year after they purchased to remind its that time of year again to come back and buy.

Chances are most people who buy from your site, buy the same day they visit. So sending them a remarketing ad as soon as they leave can be a waste and is going to give your retargeting ads more than their fair share of credit. Waiting a day before showing them ads can help you weed out those people who would have come back and bought the same day anyway. Setting this up is just like the tip above but instead of using your conversion tag, use any of the tags you have set up on your site. Make the membership duration for one of them 1 day and then make a new custom combination that excludes all audiances from that 1 day list. Now your ads will show to people after one day has past.

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