How Brands Can Start The Conversation In Social Media

“Join the conversation” is a big buzzword these days for telling brands they need to start using social media. The idea is that there are already a lot of people out there talking about you so you’d better start being a part of what they are saying so you can overcome concerns or right wrongs and inaccuracies. To do this you set up alerts in Google and search for your brand name on Twitter and then jump in when you can. I think that just as much effort should be put into starting the conversation as joining it.
Here are my three ideas for the kinds of conversations that brands or companies can have with their fans:
1. Conversation centered on your product or service.
  • Enhance memory with fun product centered quizzes and facts
  • Add to credibility with customer testimonials or industry wards.
  • Reveal hidden attributes by asking the customer how they use the product and then share that with the community.
  • Hold your customer’s attention with stories of your product in action written by those who use it day to day.
  • Influence preferences by making the product more interactive and vivid.

2. Conversation centered on what the interests of your customers.

  • To do this, brainstorm 3 main interests that your customers are into that doesn’t have to do with your product. Maybe its gardening, traveling and raising kids. Put yourself in the head of your customers and find interesting content done by gardening blogs, talk about it and link to it. Invite your fans to submit their summer vacation plans. Write tips on best ways to keep kids safe at playgrounds. Remember, you’re not trying to write about these things and then secretly inject your brand name in the background somewhere or mention how your product is great when you’re gardening, traveling and raising kids. You’re just starting a conversation with your like-minded fans on subjects you are mutually interested in.
3. Conversation centered on the customer.
  • One on one dialogs with customers about their questions and needs, open up their questions for the community to answer and discuss.
  • Make customers famous by featuring their posts about your product and highlight their images submitted to you.
  • Shout-outs and props given to fans who do something cool or note-worthy.

Any more ideas on conversation starters for brands? Leave em’ in the comments.

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