How To Work With the New Online Gatekeepers

Thanks to the internet, the barriers to entry have fallen. We are in a publish first and then sort-out-the-good-stuff-later environment. The gate keepers, who once had control of limited shelf space and limited TV stations, used that scarcity to their advantage by having a say in what made it through to the masses.

Now bloggers are the new gatekeepers. Instead of saying what should and shouldn’t be published, they create buzz and spread the word about what has been published. Most bloggers aren’t paid for what they do so a mediocre press release will not get their attention. The main asset that bloggers have is their audience and they will appeal to them fist and foremost. Any blogger that disregards their audience for the sake of making some cash to plug a product will loose their credibility with their audience.

First identify the blogs that actually do have an interest in what you’re trying to have featured. Use technorati. Read their blogs and interact with them. Post comments, submit useful articles that don’t necessarily have to do with your business and build a relationship. Then in time, with something relevant about your business, submit it with a personal note and it will be read.

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