My Best Of 2012

This year I watched 85 movies
Best Movies: Drive, Hot Coffee, Chronicle, Looper, Cabin In The Woods, Headhunters, 50/50, The People vs George Lucas
Worst Movies: Red Tails, Take This Waltz

I watched 158 episodes of TV
Best show: Breaking Bad
Funniest: Modern Family, Runner Up: Workaholics

I Read 32 Books
Best books: Republic Lost, So Good They Can’t Ignore You, War Of Art, Travis Chase Trilogy (The Breach, Ghost Country, Deep Sky), The Master Switch
I Read 9 graphic novels
Best Graphic novels: Criminal Vol 1, Locke & Key Vol 5, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score

Best Concert: Andrew WK @ The Bluebird, Runner Up: NoFX @ Fillmore

Best Trip: Dirt Biking in Moab

Best Albums: Masked Intruder/ST, Classics Of Love/ST, White Wires/WWIII

Best Music Discovery: Downtown Struts

Biggest Miracle: Barely missing a car accident in the snow sliding between a car and a bus

Most Stressful: Swimming 500 meters in open water during my first Triathlon

Biggest Bummer: All fireworks on 4th of July canceled due to forest fires in Colorado

Most Patriotic: Going to Obama rally at University of Colorado

Biggest DIY Project: Re-tiling shower in the bathroom

Best Purchase: Suzuki GZ250 Motorcycle

Biggest Purchase: A house

Best Fix: Replaced windshield wiper reservoir in Nissan Sentra

Best Discovery: Flushable wipes

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