Optimize Keywords With Top Vs Side Report

An ad that is shown in the top position usually has a much higher click through rate than an ad shown on the side. If you could get your highest performing keywords in the top position more often it can pay big dividends in volume and revenue.
How do you identify those keywords that aren’t showing up in the top position as often as they could and bid them to the top spot accordingly?

1. Download a keyword report for the last 30 days with the the Segment Top vs Side.

2. Create a pivot table with the data from the report and then build the pivot table like this.

This will allow you to see each keyword’s top and side metrics on one row.

3. Copy the new filtered table over into a new worksheet so you can add new columns and filters.

4. Make a new column Percent Of Conversions Top which takes the Total Sum Conversions divided by the Sum Of Impressions for Google Search: Top.

5. Make another new column Percent Of Impressions Top which takes the Total Sum Impressions divided by the Sum Of Impressions for Google Search: Top.

6. Now if you filter your new column Percent Of Conversions Top for greater than 50% and your Percent Of Impressions Top for less than 50% you’ll see the keywords that get more than 50% of their conversions from the top position but get less than 50% of their impressions from the top position.

7. Now if you take the difference between the Sum of Avg. CPC Top and Sum of Avg. CPC Other you will get the difference in (estimated) bid increase to get more of those impressions from the side to the top.

In the below screenshot the first keyword has 82% of its conversions coming from the top but only 28% of impressions coming from the top, and the difference between the average CPC of top and side is only $.07. So with a small bid increase this keyword could improve considerably.

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