Paid Search Device Targeted Keyword Parity Using VLOOKUP

It’s smart to build out separate campaigns targeted to mobile and tablet devices exclusively, as this can lead to much higher efficiency, but the problem is keeping all of these duplicate campaigns up to date with your desktop campaigns. You may add new keywords that perform well on desktop but neglect to add them to mobile and tablet. using the VLookup function in excel you can easily discover which keywords are paused or absent from one device to the next.

1. Download all  your active keywords from your desktop campaigns (for my explanation put the keywords in column A).

2. Download all active keywords from your tablet campaigns and put them in a second tab on the desktop Excel worksheet (keywords also in column A).

3. Add a third tab on the desktop worksheet where you paste all of the keywords from the desktop account in the A column.

4. On tab three In the B column use the VLookup function so that it looks like this: =VLOOKUP(desktop_keywords!A1,tablet_keywords!A:A,1,0). What this function is saying is – take the keyword in cell A1 from the list of active keywords on desktop and then look at all the active tablet keywords in column A – if you find it, put it in this column, if not put #N/A.

5. After the function is put into place in column B, you can see the keyword that exists on desktop in column A and if there is a #N/A next to it in column B, you’ll know its not active on tablet.

6. Now you can sort by #N/A and take add all those keywords to your tablet campaigns.

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