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SEO, PPC, web design, web analytics: so what is the point of all of this? Sometimes all the techy jargon gets in the way of the ultimate goal of internet marking. As an internet marketing consultant, allow me to step back for a second and explain what internet marketing does.

Promoting your business to the people most likely to buy. This is accomplished through Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and link building.

  • To reach all the people who care about your business with mass marketing requires budget busting promotion. For every one person that relates to your message, you waste money on hundreds more who could care less.
  • Luckily, people organize around their interests and then build communications networks to support that organization. These communities of your potential fans exists out there already. We can find them and get them talking about what you do. Instead of promoting to more people, you can promote to people who are more interested.
  • We’ll also find the bloggers and leaders of the communities where your potential fans socialize, and encourage them to talk about your product in their network neighborhoods.

Increase connectivity before and after your customers buy. This is through creating an atmosphere where you can engage with your customers through blogs and social networks.

  • By building communities where customers and prospects can gather, you can create new networks through which influence can spread.
  • Being part of a community gives the customer their first experience with your product. As people engage in an experience, it becomes part of their daily thinking and behavior.
  • Not only that, but experience enhances memory, adds to credibility, reveals hidden attributes, holds our attention and influences our preferences; all of which lead a person to buy.

Spread the word about your business more efficiently. Through sticky ideas, email marketing and social networks.

  • The personal recommendation of a friend or a family member is the most influential marketing force.
  • Equip your customers to spread your message through word of mouth.
  • Create ideas that spread virally.

Keep a record of who your customers are to engage them for years to come. This is accomplished through databases and information collecting techniques.

  • Keep a record of the people who respond to your marketing message so you can identify, understand, engage, and mobilize them for years to come. Build equity with your marketing.
  • Build a relationship with your customers and begin transforming them from shoppers to evangelists who are eager to promote your business to the people in their network.
  • With this information you can quickly and affordably engage them with relevant messages about new products.

Be driven by the data. Don’t take our word or that of anyone else as to what your customer wants. Through web analytics I can give you the proof of what works and what doesn’t. Then we’ll take that data and make decisions that will continue to contribute to your progress.

  • We’ll decipher the data and give you answers and insights to help you make educated decisions based on your data. Data should drive action, not waste time.
  • Don’t worry so much about which message, color scheme or branding is best for your customer. Don’t take anyone’s word on what your brand should look like. Test it and let your customer tell you what it should look like.
  • Make constant, incremental improvements.

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