The Information Log Second Week Of June 2017

I’m going to try to get more concise with this and have a definite start date and end date, but since this is the first one, I’m reaching back for whatever stands out in the recent past.

Goals of the information log:
Be more conscious of what information I’m consuming and therefore becoming
Be more deliberate with my information consumption instead of letting useless/predatory information infiltrate my brain
So that: I surround myself wit the best information to create ideas, be positive and happy.
More on this topic from this post

Book: The Undoing Project. I find the flawed ways that our brains work intriguing and I’ve read other books about it ( like Incognito: The Hidden Lives of the Brain, Predictably Irrational) without knowing the backstory to it all. Now I do and it’s a really interesting read.
This is a great post about how big the problem with our brains is.

Movie: Passengers. The premise is cool – someone wakes up too early on a 150 year flight to a distant new world. – but the rest of it is boring in comparison to the premise.

Post: Stop All Social Media Activity (Organic) | Solve For A Profitable Reality. Avinash with a much-needed reality check on the value of organic social media (or lack thereof).  Just as interesting are the comments – it’s a microcosm of witnessing the cognitive dissonance of marketers where facts and the myth of social media marketing collide
If you like this ready everything on this blog

Post: Steven Pressfield Writing A Good Villain Helpful for me in the current book I’m trying to write.

Music: I’ve been listening to Ratboys AVOID a lot. Thanks NPR All Songs Considered Spotify Playlist.

Article: First Interview With the Climber Who Scaled El Capitan Without a Rope. Alex Honnold climbs El Capitan and then later on in the day does his routine workout – this is a systems-driven guy rather than a goals-driven guy

Movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. After my trip to Venice Italy, I watched this just for the part where Indy says, “Ah, Venice.”

Documentary: Planet Earth II. Watched these with my kids. I think I was more impressed than they were.

YouTube: Norm McDonald Netflix Stand Up Special – found it on YouTube. Norm is funny.

YouTube: Half In The Bag 128 The Mummy I like these guys most of the time, sometimes they are so sarcastic it’s painful. This episode was fun because they articulate well the problems with Hollywood Studio’s obsession with franchises and making movies for global release.

YouTube: History of the Entire World I Guess Funny and a remarkable reach of world history.

Podcast: Script Notes 300 From Writer to Writer-Director Unique perspective on how big movies are made – like all ScriptNotes shows.

YouTube How To Start | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original I find this guy a little obnoxious but he’s got some good points. However, I don’t like the ‘singular passion’ mindset that he alludes to. I’ve really curbed my opinion on passion ever since readying So Good They Can’t Ignore You. I really like Andrew WK’s take on it too.

Music: The Lillingtons Project 313. New songs by the Lillingtons are everything I’m looking for in Lillington songs.

Article: ‘The Internet Is Broken’: @ev Is Trying to Salvage It  Great quote: “The trouble with the internet, Mr. Williams says, is that it rewards extremes. Say you’re driving down the road and see a car crash. Of course you look. Everyone looks. The internet interprets behavior like this to mean everyone is asking for car crashes, so it tries to supply them.”

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