Using AdWords Filters For Optimizing Keywords

The filter function in AdWords is pretty powerful. Definitely should be one of the first steps in discovering opportunities and diagnosing problems. Here are a few of my favorites:

This one helps identify low hanging fruit. These keywords have great quality score, low CPA but just need a little increase in bid to get to a higher position so they can make more of an impact.

CPA is high, conversion rate is low and average position is also high. The bid unnecessarily high for these keywords. They’re not doing much for you so you might as well pay less for them.

These keywords are the bottom feeders. Really expensive and nothing to show for it.

Lots of clicks, high CTR and low conversion rate generally means that the ad does a good job of being relevant with the keyword but there is a disconnect when it comes to the landing page. Test different landing pages with these ones.

Lots of impressions and no clicks means these keywords are going to kill your quality score over time. Try different adtext.

Lots of clicks with a low quality score means these keywords are really expensive. Is it worth it?

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