Web Analytics Planning Dashboard In Excel

Sometimes while looking at all your web analytics data it’s difficult to figure out where to focus. This dashboard allows you to take a very maco look at where your site is at, define where you want to be in terms of revenue and then set some high up goals.

This dashboard uses the following metrics: visits, conversions, conversion rate, average order value and total revenue. With some simple formulas you can see what effect a percent increase in conversion rate or average order value will have on revenue in a visual way.

So if you set your revenue goal first you can mess with the other metrics and then focus on which other metrics you want to divide and conquer. So let’s say you decide that if you could get 1,000 more visits while maintaining the same conversion rate you can reach your revenue goal. Then you can make your tactical plan to get those 1,000 more visits like working at SEO, expand your PPC keyword coverage or push your affiliates. If you see that a $3 increase in average order value will get you there, then maybe you’ll start merchandising your site differently or include more up sells – you get the idea.

Download: Web Analytics Planning Dashboard In Excel

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