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The first step in outstanding positioning in search engines is a sturdy foundation on search engine friendly web design. Building SEO into your site from the ground up is the best way to make the most of your web site. I like to use WordPress as a CMS to design beautiful, functional web sites.

Why WordPress?

1. It’s search engine friendly. Search engines are familiar with WordPress and index their content easily and quickly.

2. It’s highly customizable. Create the site exactly how you want it.

3. Plugins rock. Programmers and geeks everywhere have already created all the extras and goodies for your site that you would ever want. Just download them and plug em’ in.

4. User friendly. Once you have made your site with WordPress it is easy to maintain and update. No longer do you have to rely on your web developer to update content. Using WordPress’s user interface to make changes is as easy as using your email.

Some people may think that WordPress is just for blogs. Not so. Look here at examples of people using WordPress as a CMS.

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