What Is Your Content Creation Strategy?

Instead of asking, “what is your marketing strategy?”, I think the more important question is, “what is your content creation strategy?”

Churning out fresh content is the essence of SEO, fuels your Facebook fans and Twitter followers, adds credibility and trust to your brand, helps customers down the conversion funnel, holds the customer’s attention and enhances the customer’s memory.

It’s not easy to blog regularly, upload current videos to your YouTube channel, tweeting and feeding Facebook. But it’s a heck of a lot more worth it than a traditional marketing strategy of having well crafted ads placed periodically in places where people try to ignore them.

And when it comes to quality vs quantity, I think quantity is more important. I’d rather have a few hundred (and growing everyday) fishing lines in the water that a couple really expensive ones.

So what does a content creation strategy look like? I’m still working on that one, but what it begins to look like is a cadence of timely content based on:

  • Being a teacher
  • Going behind the scenes
  • Giving a little at a time
  • Focusing on their interests, not yours
  • One on one dialogs
  • Making customers famous
  • Being a curator

In the end your content creation strategy earns you attention by being a publisher instead of paying some other publisher for their audience’s attention.

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