SEO Revenue Estimation Tool

I built a tool in excel that can help estimate the revenue generated from a having a certain ranking in Google’s organic search results. This is the formula: Local Monthly Search Volume X Click Through Rate of your site’s position X conversion rate X average order value = Estimated sales from SEO rank. The click […]

Basics Of SEO Infographic

Credit goes to a tweet by Avinash that made the basis of this post. #1. Your content is relevant and it’s in the user’s language but not accessible to search engines. If it’s content designed in Flash or part of an image, the spiders can’t see it. Chances are good your metadata is in bad […]

SEO Dashboard In Excel

I made a dashboard for tracking SEO in excel. The link to download it is at the bottom if you’re interested in playing around with it. I tried to make something that not only shows what the current state is at-a-glance, but also allows for discovering insights for diving deeper. There’s also a little section […]

SEO Keyword Competition Tool In Excel

Here’s a little SEO tool built in Excel for getting an idea of how difficult a keyword will be to rank well in Google. It comes with a couple big caveats** but I think the overall idea works. Here’s how to use it: 1. Put your keyword choices in column A. 2. Use Google’s keyword […]

How To Quantify Success in SEO

SEO is a means to an end, not the end itself. You want your site to rank higher so you get get more traffic, but what use is more traffic if it’s unqualified traffic? Traffic that just bounces and whose intent doesn’t match your website’s purpose? I believe that the biggest mistake in SEO is […]

How To SEO A Contact Us Page

A lot of businesses don’t take advantage of their Contact Us page. Most Search Engine Optimization comes down to keywords in the meta title and content on the page and the typical business’s Contact Us page meta title says “Contact,” and the only content on the page is an email form, phone number and physical […]

The SEO is Overrated Debate

I read this article thats ruffled some feathers lately about how SEO is not a legitimate form of marketing and I think what the article says is mostly right. Yet there are a few things about SEO in my opinion that make it worthwhile. In the article it says, Look under the hood of any […]

Local Business SEO in Denver

With millions of blogs and websites, what can your business do to stand out? In my opinion the best strategy for local businesses in Denver to succeed in search engine rankings is to provide hyper local content. First, some stats: According to SBI + M: 54% of Americans have substituted the Internet and local search […]