Free SEO Site Audit Download

When a potential client wants to see an SEO site audit I think there are two main things they are looking for: 1. your level of competency 2. free analysis
SEO Site Audit
So I designed this SEO site audit to try to fill those two needs. Give them what they are looking for but not too much to where you audit your way out of a job. The first section of my site audit is all the on page stuff. I like the colored score in the right column which gives the appearance of urgency to certain aspects of the site and also creates a natural list of priorities for capturing the low hanging fruit first. I use the Google keyword tool to pull a list of relevant keywords. I then use the google site: operator and keyword search (as in “keyword”) to see how many times a site uses a keyword.

SEO Site Audit

The second half is for off page stuff. This is just a matter of using free tools out there like semrush, seobook rank checker, and backlinkwatch to pull in data. Its kind of hard to score these things because its all relative.
Download it here to see the whole thing: SEO Site Audit (xlsx)

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