How To SEO A Contact Us Page

A lot of businesses don’t take advantage of their Contact Us page. Most Search Engine Optimization comes down to keywords in the meta title and content on the page and the typical business’s Contact Us page meta title says “Contact,” and the only content on the page is an email form, phone number and physical address. Yet there is much more you can include to get the most of of your Contact Us page.

One of the most frequently searched add-on keywords is “find a,” “how to” and “where is” – as in “how to find a good dentist,” and “where is the nearest dentist.”  These kinds of keywords are highly used in search engines by people looking for businesses but not always easy to place on the website. The Contact Us page comes in as one of the few places on the website you can use these keywords.

In the meta title and content say things like, “Looking to find a local dentist?” or “How to find a dentist can be hard…”

Also in the meta title include your business name and location.

Other things to consider including in the page content: Realize that your Contact Us page might be the first interaction someone has with your website. People don’t just enter into your site from the homepage. You’ll want to include important keywords like your location and what services/products you provide.

  • If yours is a local business say something like, “At [business name] we are here to help you with all of your [business services keywords] needs. Please contact us at our local [your city] office.
  • Give a brief synopsis of what you do. Treat it like a mini About Us page.
  • List your services. Use the keywords people use to find a business like yours.

And don’t forget to include a map, directions, picture of your business and all that good stuff.

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