Use Broad Match As Your Keyword Discovery Tool

Once you have organized your keywords into campaigns, one strategy is to triplicate each campaign so that you have one for each match type. When each campaign contains only one match type it allows you to break out your budget more effectively so that if the budget for those keywords are being throttled you can give the most budget to exact, less to phrase and the least to broad. It simplifies budgeting so that you can give the most money to the exact match keywords that have the best chance at converting.

What this strategy will also do is allow your broad match campaign to turn into your keyword discovery tool. Using search query reports in your broad match campaign you can discover new keywords to build adgroups around for your exact and phrase match campaigns to test. When budgets shrink, you can dial up the spend on driving sales through more relevant match types like exact and phrase, and dial down the spend on discovering new keywords for account expansion.

If you are working with a very large account that is constantly shifting budgets, launching products, and you have moving goal targets, triplicating campaigns for each match type can cause the size of your account to bulge but it’s the way to go.

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