Beware Of Filler

Studies show that people serve themselves in proportion to the size plate that they have been given. As a result, a person tends to over serve on larger plates. So, use a smaller plate and there’s less space to fill, and less food will be consumed. Increasing lanes on the highway does not decrease traffic. […]

The Reason To Do Creative Things

Somewhere along the line we were told that writing a book, making a movie, singing a song or creating anything was not worthwhile unless there were people who would pay us for it. But getting paid to create stuff is a relatively new idea and should not be the reason to, or not to undertake […]

Zach’s Best Of 2013

I read 35 books Best Books Countdown City World War Z The Power of the Dog 11/22/63 Best Nonfiction: Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption Turning Pro Watched 88 movies Best Movies Silver Linings Playbook Gone Baby Gone About Time The Impossible It’s A Disaster Side Effects Blood Simple Liberal […]