Paying For SEO Is Like Paying For An Oil Change

There are those who say that say SEO is a con and those that defend it saying it helps many, many people. I think the debate is summed up well with the following analogy. Just replace ‘oil change’ with ‘SEO’ and ‘your car’ with ‘your website’: I pay to have the oil changed on my […]

What SEO Is vs What SEO Is Sold As

Generally, SEO is simple, but not easy. The majority of it is common sense stuff. You can learn the lion’s share of SEO tactics directly from Google here. But, SEO is not necessarily common sense to the average non-tech savvy business owner and unfortunately SEO is often sold as something only experts with very technical […]

Visualize SEO Potential

One way to do this is to export your top 20 organic keywords sorted by visits from Google Analytics. Then take that list and copy it into the AdWords Keyword Tool to see what the local search volume is for each of those keywords. Then you can easily find the percent of the Local Monthly […]

SEO On Page Content: 3 Examples

Product detail pages tend to naturally have good content for search engines to index because they have lots of text in the form of product descriptions. The challenge is having the same quality content on all pages of the site, specifically category pages and home pages. Most homepages have a lot of graphics and buttons, […]

Free SEO Site Audit Download

When a potential client wants to see an SEO site audit I think there are two main things they are looking for: 1. your level of competency 2. free analysis So I designed this SEO site audit to try to fill those two needs. Give them what they are looking for but not too much […]

Optimizing Organic Click Through Rate

This isn’t the most reliable way to calculate your current organic click through rate, but what I did was use the Google Keyword Tool to see how many local monthly searches my keyword has. Then I took that same keyword in Google Analytics to see how many organic visits from Google it gets. The result […]