The Bleak Reality Of Social Media Marketing

There once was a time when social media was the solution to all of advertising’s woes. Social media was to replace antiquated interruptive advertising techniques by allowing customers to have “relationships” with brands. Brands could “join the conversation” and let customers “tell their story” too. All of this “engagement” would be called “earned media’ instead […]

Corporate Blogs Suck, Do This Instead

The common advice is that you should include a blog to your ecommerce or business website. So attached to your site is a or The reasons behind this are sound: Build traffic through search engine optimization Increase credibility Enhance customer interaction But there is a common problem with corporate blogs: they lack credibility. […]

Diluting Facebook Newsfeed

I measure the value of any website by the quality of information that I get from it (Snapchat is by definition made up of trivial content, stuff not worth keeping around, therefor I have no interest in the medium). Facebook has also dwindled in value for me. I think there are three main trends for […]

Not All Impressions Are Created Equal

The bigger the reach the smaller the individual impact. The higher the frequency the more is wasted. The more people the message is designed for the more generic and uninteresting the message needs to be (the compromises necessary to make something appeal to everyone mean that it will almost certainly not appeal perfectly to anyone). […]

Self-Obsessed Social Media Marketing

Is anyone else ever annoyed with these self-obsessive tendencies of brands on social media: retweeting every positive mention about themselves, uploading every product image on their site to Pinterest and Instagram and posting nothing but product updates to Facebook? There is more to social media than trying to remind people that you exist. Instead of […]

Self Expression Through Curation

People are already loyal to the purposes they believe in; when a company’s purpose aligns with ours they give us a way to manifest our purpose. They give us an emblem or symbol for telling the world who we are and what we believe in. Now that everyone is a publisher of content via Facebook, […]

Sharing Online Only Counts When Its Genuine

When brands incentivize people to share content, it defeats the point of sharing, like American Express giving discounts for tweeting something. These incentives dilute the channel with too much junk, and as platforms enable those advertisers to do so, both the advertiser and the platform will suffer. Brands should instead focus on creating content worth […]

Facebook Growth Rate Versus Churn Rate

Churn rate is the fraction of subscribers in any period who fail to remain engaged with the company. If the rate of growth ((total likes – new likes)/new likes) exceeds the churn rate (unlikes/total likes), the fan page will grow. Analyzing the causation of these events isn’t always easy with the metrics that Facebook provides. […]