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I made a dashboard for tracking SEO in excel. The link to download it is at the bottom if you’re interested in playing around with it. I tried to make something that not only shows what the current state is at-a-glance, but also allows for discovering insights for diving deeper. There’s also a little section for goals, although I think that should be bigger since tracking the outcomes of SEO is the real end goal, not just ranking higher.

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Starting in the top left coroner is the rank of your top 10 keywords which you can compare to each other by clicking the check boxes. The graph next to it is total traffic, bounce rate and conversion rate from non-paid search traffic. Seeing bounce rate going up and conversion rate going down would be cause for concern and you would want to look at top referring keywords to see who is driving the crappy traffic. Below that graph is conversions, sign-ups and revenue (or whatever other micro-conversions you want to track) from all non-paid search. I have spaklines in-cell graphs for those metrics to give an idea of where they are trending.

Next to those metrics are the total backlinks and indexed URLs metrics. I would pull these metrics from Google Webmaster Tools but there are others tools that can give you the same information. The more indexed URLs the better the chance you have to get more traffic from those pages and tracking the number of backlinks is important since that’s how pages rank higher.

If you expand the plus box you can see the top 10 most linked to pages. And on the other side, conversions, sign-ups and revenue are segmented by those same top 10 keywords.

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Beneath that is the amount of traffic and revenue split up by search engine (not sure what kind of insights knowing this would give other than where to focus your efforts). And next to that are the goals which are custom formatted so that if the week-to-date number is below the goal it will turn red. Expanding the second plusbox shows traffic trends for the three engines and the other graph shows total sign-ups and revenue.

Download the SEO Dashboard.

Let me know what you think and what is missing from this dashboard in the comments.

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