Internet Marketing vs. CPM

Internet marketing allows you to get your business in front of the people most likely to buy. Weather its through improving SEO when people search for your service or product or PPC though Google’s content network, it works better than the traditional CPM strategy. The vehicle with the lowest CPM, cost per thousand, is thought […]

Data Driven Web Site Design

Does this situation sound familiar? You’re in a meeting and your throwing around ideas about how your website should look. Your partner says, “Let’s not use drop-down menus, I hate using them and hurts the quality of the site.” Meanwhile you ‘re thinking, “I don’t mind drop-down menus. I think they’re practical.” Then you say, […]

SMM is About Creating a Cause to Die For

I finished reading Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky and dug what he had to say about groups being able to form through social networks because of the new tools made available from the Internet. 3 stories: #1 The bank HSBC recruited students by promising checking accounts that carried no penalty for overdrafts. Then, HSBC […]

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

A new report from iProspect, conducted by JupiterResearch,  says that 45% of search engine marketers do not integrate their search marketing efforts with offline channels and 24% of companies do not participate in offline marketing at all. The study finds that just over half of search engine marketers (55%) intentionally integrate their efforts with at least […]